WordPress Screenshot size.

With any wordpress theme, a screenshot is required to promote your themes design in the wordpress settings window. WordPress looks in your theme folder for an image with the file name screenshot.png . If you don’t already have a screenshot of your theme, here’s how:

Step 1 – Your wordpress theme design

Print Screen your wordpress theme or save your design as a .png.
Now open your new image in Photoshop or images editing program.

Step 2 – Resizing your Image

Your screenshot needs to be resized to 300 by 225px
In photoshop this can be done by going to Image > Image Size … and change the width to 300px and the height to 225px

Photoshop Image Size Window

*note for this to work, Constrain Proportions should be unchecked

A better way to resize your screenshot is to use the crop tool and enter a width a height in the property boxes.

To do this simple go to the crop tool Photoshop Crop Tool and then at the top of your screen in the crop properties bar, enter width = 300px and height = 225px
Photoshop Crop Property Bar

This will constrain your crop to correct size and allow you to choose what area of the screenshot you would like to display.

Step 3 – Saving your File

From here in Photoshop
Go to File > Save for Web…
Choose the PNG file format to save your file
Make sure you name your file screenshot
And save your image file in your theme folder.
And you are done. You should now be able to view your screenshot in your wordpress admin under Appearance > Theme

Wordpress Admin Appearance ThemeWordpress Theme Page

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